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FaceApp is trending and rightly so although its privacy policy has got many wondering whether or not the uniqueness offered by FaceApp has come to stay.

Why the company would reserve a right to a user’s own image and information. They knowing fully well that users might decline its use in fear, that their images can be used by the company is unclear.

The company says the photos will be uploaded for image processing. This policy many users are not buying into although they are having great time using FaceApp. Well, it turns out that you can still use FaceApp’s free features without being at risk of image or data violation. Just do the following and let’s enjoy FaceApp together.

Take steps below:

  1. Agree to the app’s usage and do not login to the App through its two methods which are Facebook and phone number. You can find the phone number after clicking the settings icon.
  • Allow the app permission to access your photos, media and files.
  • Now this is the most important part of the whole process.
  1. Minimize the FaceApp then go to your gallery and open the image you want to edit
  2. Take a screenshot of the image and return to the FaceApp. Now the purpose of creating a screenshot is so that there will be enough space above and below the image.
  • Select the image you screenshot in 3b and apply any of the filters. You can only use one filter at a time because the whole process is aimed at not applying the change. I selected the beard filter and used the hipster beard. Now the reason we created the screenshot above was to shift the <|> button from the image so that it would appear below it
  • Now screenshot the changes and close the FaceApp, go to your gallery and crop the image to suit your taste.

Note: If you don’t carry out step 3 your outcome will look like this and the <|> button will be on your image.

And thats it. With the simple steps above you can safely use FaceApp anytime without having your image in another’s database. Isn’t that a relief?

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