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choosing project topics

The stages involved in writing a project seem to be burdensome for some students. Students who have little or no experience with project writing are faces; with the challenge of going through the seemingly rigorous process of completing a project. The first challenge most students face is the need to choose a project topic. This is because of the absence of rudimentary knowledge as to picking a good research project topic with the end in view.

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This accounts for the terrible scores most students end up having at the end of it and most times. Some student would eventually have to choose a different topic; when they are half way through. This end most students with terrible scores at the end of it. For some students; the supervisor may just hand to them the research topic to work on but if you are not among these few, then this article is for you.

There are four essentials to keep in mind while choosing a project topic, and these are;

Knowledge about the Research Topic:

Undoubtedly, even though it can be excused that any student can acquaint himself with the idea of a project topic as he proceeds into the study. It is ill advise to choose to work on a case study you know virtually nothing about. The reasons for this are quite obvious; the fact that you may not even be able to defend you project topic before your supervisor rules out the chance of working on it.

Secondly, even if by sheer luck you happen to fall in the favor of your supervisor agreeing to your working on the selected topic, you may discover later on that your research topic is more tasking than you preconceived. Worst still, you may discover that the project materials necessary for the development of your research work are not accessible.

Somewhere along the line, frustration and fear of failure can force the student to rethink the choice of the project topic. To avoid wastage of time, resources and mental and physical effort; it is here advisable that you comfortably choose a project topic that you are familiar with.

Your Interest in the Topic:

That a student will not surrender or abandon their project topic for another; is many times largely based on the grounds that the student has enough managing interest for the said project topic. Whether you choose your topic by the insistence of a supervisor; or a highly respected figure in your institution; or the project topic was handed to you without consent, whichever way;  it is mentally and emotionally disastrous to take on a research topic whose study you have speck of interest for. Your dose of interest is very needed to keep you moving those in between moments when the going gets tougher and study seems boring.

The Research Topic Must Be Researchable:

You will need to look the work of others in your field of study; for relevant information that will help you further study, investigate, analyze the research questions in your project and because of this. You will really need to choose a topic that has precedence and hence researchable. A project topic is researchable when it can utilize available tools and techniques; to bring forth necessarily relevant information pertinent to the elaborate development and defense of the research work.

Feasibility of Completion:

As far as a myopic view is common; many students only think about writing a project when it comes to choosing the topic and consequently ends up with a burdensome and financially demand topic with requirements that are unplanned. When thinking about a final year project, be holistic. Take into account every necessity to completing the project. From the financial point of view to the time demand for the project research. Be sure of the feasibility of completion; with respect to the above mentioned metrics before you finally settle for the project topic.

Recommendation for choosing good project topic

With the above points in play, the following steps are recommended for the determination of a good project research work:

  1. Choose the field of study. Most times your research work is based on your discipline. This streamlines your choice of topic limiting it within the boundaries of that discipline.
  2. Choose a sub-region within your discipline. Specifying definite regions within your field of study of particular interest to you is both vital and necessary for a good project research topic.
  3. Look out for about three to four possible research topics in that sub-region.
  4. Acquaint yourself with the subject matter as regarding the ideas of the proposed project topic.
  5. Analyze the pros and cons of the project topics evaluating them critically then pick the topic which most appealing to your interest and sense of judgement.
  6. A final step is to present these topics to your supervisor, telling him which of the topic you prefer and why. The ensuing discussion from this steps will decide his next step to take on finalizing the research topic.
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