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Most definitely, the only reason why you would be making your research in any area is because there are specific problems in that areas for which you have determined to make a discovery or find a solution.

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There is usually the need when writing any academic research work to give a problem statement. This will acquaint the readers with the exact problem discovered around the research study.

A reasonable statement of the problem signify that there is a need to carry the research for that project topic. This statement of the problem must have possible solutions to it. A good statement of problem highlight a need to fill a gap in knowledge. Here, we explained a research gap as an area of note in a particular project work or a particular solution that was not covered or considered. There is no continuity in any project work if the statement of the problem is not clearly stated because they also help in identifying the gaps in any particular project.

In writing the statement of problem for your research work, note the following points.

Note these points:
  • You must be able to list all the deficiencies discoverable that a particular research work has.
  • Point out in clear terms the essence of the study and what brought about the study.
  • List out your reasons for the study to enhance the effectiveness of the project writing.

With the above aptly stated and citations made where necessary, the statement of the problem for your research project work will hit little or no correction from your supervisor.

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