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Many students want to wait for a day when they have enough time to spare for their project work before they start and so ends up not starting until it is a few days to submission. The truth is that many limitations rear up its ugly head when considering the time set aside to complete a project. However, many students have not realized the importance of time management until it is too late and can’t be helped and this renders their project research very ineffective. The ability to meet up with a particular project research schedule within speculated time is simply put as time management and while this topic may be considered unnecessary, it plays a very vital role in the efficiency and accuracy of a research project work. A number of factors account for the wastage of time in research work some of which can be totally avoided and the rest perfectly managed. You would not need a degree in management or administration to handle these factors. A little understanding of how things run in project research could save you a whole lot of time and stress.

 From experience, it is observed that a major cause of poor time management is poor feasibility study. The feasibility study, simply put, is the practical aspect involved in achieving the research objective for your project work. Direct attempt into the research work with little or no feasibility study can result into a lot of time wastage when carrying out the project research in itself. It is highly advised that you carry out a good feasibility study concerning the research project topic you are required to research upon. Read related materials, search online, ask necessary questions from senior colleagues and also seek the advice of your supervisor very frequently. Having done this, it becomes easier to cut off excesses and focus on the required parts necessary for your project research.

A good projection is another key to effective time management that is usually underplayed. Apart from doing your research work, you are expected to stay responsible to other duties. You have to attend classes, do assignments and meet up with the time allocated by your supervisor to meet up with the time allocated for you to complete your research project work amidst many other non-academic activities that would of necessity require your time and utmost attention. A most effective means to settle this various task is appropriate scheduling via projection. A first step to take in making good projection is to have a time table that has your class schedules and other work schedules on it. Then carefully examine the time table. For instance, if your class for the day would take about five hours of your time and you have about eight hours in the day, then you have three hours left to do some research work before taking off rest for that day. In doing this, you must take a daily check on your time table and include hours for your project work into the free spaces in your time table that would be convenient for you. Once this is achieved, you must strive to meet up the allocated time for your project work. Consistency with following these hours, however short they may seem to be, would have taken you a long way in finishing your project work.

Finally, it is essential that you take time management very important because it grants you enough time to master your research work before the slated date for your project defense and helps you to make quick corrections to any error or observation made by your project supervisor without being under any form of pressure to quickly make the changes necessary as instructed by your supervisor. It also serves as a determinant for good grades and good relationship with supervisor during the research project period.

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