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Writing an executive summary for dissertation and thesis project seem to be a field of uncertainty for many MBA/MSc. Project students and as such have made up for the most frequently asked questions by the vast majority of the same for some time now. In the whole of academic writing faced by students as they climb up the ladder of academic progress and desire excellence. Writing an executive summary is one of the many necessary writing that would stare you at the face to compulsorily deal with if you must move further. Hence the knowledge is never a waste of memory space whether now or in the future, please read on.

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An executive summary can also be seen as a well elaborated abstract for a particular research project work since it contains virtually everything that would be contained in a project abstract. It is elaborate because compared to an abstract; an executive summary can be at least 3-6 pages. The number of pages is dependent on your field of research and the study you are working on. The role of an executive summary finds its application not only in the field of research but in most other public or private sector. Managers of other organizations use it in decision making, policy generation and business proposal.

To cut to the chase, contained in the makeup of an excellent summary is the following:

  • The project summary:

    this is a summarized specific statement of the objectives of the project, its methods and its impact on you. It’s more like the 2-3 sentence “elevator’s pitch of your project. This sub heading will usually contain project’s description, the statement of the problem of the research, research aim and the objective of what is expected of the research. Stating this clearly in your project summary makes it effective.

  • Background:

    Generally, this sub heading addresses the historical aspect to your research work. This section is where you state in clear terms the historical background for your research study via materials and the involvement of any other research students or partnership with any other organization or projects that helped in achieving the main purpose for which your research work was carried out. You would also in this section indicate the limitation of your research study; either to the local government or state government or the nation.

  • Process:

    The scientific research involving the systematic process which focuses more on the need to be objective and gathers multitude of information for the purpose of analysis with which the researcher can come to a reasonable conclusion is what process is all about. You would need to give a brief discussion on your research work before deriving the methodology for the research.

Summary, conclusion and Recommendation:

This will be the last part of the executive summary where the discussion of all the theories used for the purpose of the research work will be written. After research findings, you will need to conclude on the major cause of the research work. Based on your findings and finally make recommendations for solving further problems. It is necessary to separate the above in headings. Also ensure to discuss all the above mentioned heading in the body of the research executive summary.

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