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why referencing is necessary in your topic

The need to put your write-up within a contextualized framework. That is relevant to the topic of discussion helps the researcher to put forth academic versatility and rigor. The world is becoming increasingly open with knowledge than in all previous era. As such, it has become quite easy to get any form of information whatsoever especially with the help of the internet, as esoterism tends to zero. While this serve as encouragement for the enthusiastic, inquisitive and studious ones. it has become a pocket work for some other students to just dub and recycle previous information. This attitude of dubbing information is not condoned and is referred to as Plagiarism.


is an offense punishable by law in most countries of the world as everyone argues to be recognized for his or her own contribution to whatever field of study where in contribution has been made. Not appropriately referencing authors of other sources is crime of intellectual theft.

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What is referencing? How do I reference my project work? How do I emphasize or differentiate my thoughts from  other sources? We have a topic that covered all these. Read our article on COMPLETE GUIDE TO PROJECT REFERENCING. In this article, referencing and why it is an essential part of a project write-up practice is discussed. If you are one that finds referencing as that boring and unnecessary aspect of a project write-up that you wish you can do without, then read on. If you are otherwise, there are buckets of information for you also, so read on.  Citations and Reference are often expressed as emphasizing the same meaning; to cite a source or a piece of work is to give a reference to its source. However, for easy appropriation, while you cite a source in between the research study. Reference list containing all the citations found in the research work brings easiness. The following reasons alludes to why referencing has become necessary especially in scientific and academic writings:

Importance of referencing

  •  You really would have to research your study in order to have a wider perspective about the topic of discussion, know the different areas of study that have gone up on it, in order to be able to successfully, completely and holistically finish your project. Referencing every source from which you gained insight into the knowledge as put forth by your research findings is a prove to your versatility as relating to that field and your rigor in academic work.
  • Because a number of persons in the past are likely to have research on similar or different areas of that field of study from which you have chosen a project topic, there arise the need to separate the material and thoughts of an author from another.
  • You would also need to bring out your thoughts and make it quite clear that they are yours.  Referencing helps the reader to make these differences quite easily and conveniently.
  • Since readers can distinguish your thoughts from that of other authors that you have cited, referencing also allows interested or meticulous readers to continue a further investigation or study into other materials that’s you have cited in the course of the research study.
  • The quality and authenticity of the material used and how you got your data as opposed to mere conjectures is made clear by appropriate referencing.
  • To get latest copy of improved study. Your referencing helps us to note the publication year of the cited source. So therefore it reveals how relevant, formative and up-to-date they are.
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